Monday, March 24, 2008

Moment of Truth

Great thought from Dr. Ergun Caner.

How would you like to have your personal "dirty laundry" exposed on national television? What if you were paid to humiliate yourself? What could possibly be worse as a premise for a television show? Moment of Truth on the Fox Network plays truth or dare with the intimate details of people's lives that they willingly expose to public embarrassment for the sake of prize money. Recently, Lauren Cheri humiliated her husband before a nationwide audience; admitting to cheating on her husband of two years and wanting to be with her old boyfriend. She won the round where she admitted her infidelity; she lost it all when she responded "yes" to the question: Do you consider yourself a good person?

Her response to this question is a mirror into the human condition. She said she considered herself a good person, and lost it all when the lie was detected. She refused to admit that she was not a good girl. Americans have it engrained in them that they are basically good. This is a lie straight out of hell and her conscience testified against her. Her pride was her downfall; she lost the cash and perhaps more than that, because she was too proud to judge herself.

Jesus, in denouncing the human habit of covering up sin, warned that what is done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. Sin will be exposed; lies will be detected. In fact, THE SIN OFFERING, was exposed on the cross of Calvary, making it possible for foolish sinners like the Cheris, like all of us, to have a safe place to admit our failures. Easter makes it possible to turn our lives over to Jesus Christ, the sinless One who died for us and rose again, declaring victory over the foolishness of sin, the fearfulness of the grave, and the awesome judgment of separation from God for all eternity. Easter Sunday is mankind's moment of truth. Because Jesus rose from the grave, He sits at the right hand of heaven's throne ready to receive repentant sinners, and ready to judge those who try to bluff their way into heaven.

Lauren Cheri tried to bluff her way to temporary riches and it did not work. However, this network offering for the titillation of the masses is child's play next to the real moment of truth all of us will face before God, and the consequences will be far better or worse than simply winning or losing prize money. Before the judgement seat, however, no one will be able to bluff their way into God's eternal presence. Better to be honest before God and with ourselves; admitting our need for a Savior now.