Thursday, August 4, 2011

Together Everyone Achieves More

WHAT IS THE GOAL OF PLAYING FOOTBALL?  Well, of course, we would say "Winning."  But there is a clearer point than winning, it is scoring points.  We might score six points in a touchdown, three points in a field goal, two points in a safety, or one point in an extra point kick after the touch down.

But what if there were a player on the team who never scored a point?  Wouldn't he be considered of no value?  What if he played 15 years in the NFL, four years in college, and four years in high school - 23 years of football - yet never scored a touch down or made a point?  This man would have to be a failure, wouldn't he?  After all, this man played in 245 games without ever scoring a point for his team.

Why start a man that can’t score?  Well, let me list a few reasons.

  • He made 1,032 tackles,
  • He blocked 86 passes,
  • He recovered 19 fumbles,
  • He made 3 interceptions.
The man's name is Ed "Too Tall" Jones.  Ed Jones is in the NFL Football Hall of Fame.  The reason he never made a touch down was his position - Ed was an All Pro Defensive End for the Dallas Cowboys.  Ed was a TEAM PLAYER.  He never played to make touchdowns, he played to help his team win.  And win they did. Jones helped lead his team to 16 playoff games and 3 Super Bowls.



Being part of a team is about working together for a common goal.  Teamwork is about commitment, sacrifice, discipline, and unity in vision.  This doesn't happen by accident.  A team achieves these qualities as it prepares and works together for a common goal.  That is what led the Dallas Cowboys to have such a successful run during Ed "Too Tall" Jones' career.

I just believe that all of us can learn a lesson or two from Ed "To Tall" Jones about being a team player.

Just a Thought!