Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keys to Excellence

“Don't strive to be perfect. Strive for excellence.”  Victoria Principal - Actress

In history the word excellence has been used as a title of honor.  It derives from the word Excel which means to go beyond average.

Eleven Keys to Excellence

1. Value Excellence
alue excellence in everything you do in life and it will begin to show forth in the lives of others.

2. Don’t settle for average
There is an obvious distinction between average and excellence.  John Hess said, “A race horse that can run a mile one second faster than others is worth many times more money.”  Just become a little bit better and you become distinguished as a winner.When we really begin to rise above average and have a desire to be a little bit better we distinguish ourselves very quickly.  Excellence can be attained if you...

            Care more than others think wise.
            Risk more than others think safe.
            Dream more than others think practical.
            Expect more than others think possible.
            Work more than others think necessary.

John Maxwell said, “People that strive for excellence are people that are committed to a cause.  And that cause so grips them that they are determined to reach their potential.  They desire more than anything else to be all that they possibly can.”

3. Pay Attention to Detail
People of excellence understand the importance of everything working right.  They not only have an appreciation for the big picture but they have an appreciation for the minute details, the small things.

4. Develop a Deep Commitment to Excellence
Stan Leonard, owner of the world’s largest dairy store said, “First we will be the best, then we will be first.”  Too many people have a “just enough to get by” attitude.  A “just get by” attitude has never landed anyone in first place.

5. Possess Ethics and Integrity
our personal quest for excellence can be another way of saying, “My character is showing.”  “The quest for excellence gives dignity to a person and character to a business.  It gives satisfaction to customers.  It’s the surest way to greatness, the unfailing road to success.” (unknown)

6. Show Genuine Respect for Others
Excellence becomes a lifestyle only when we practice the Golden Rule without giving it a second thought.  That’s possible when we elevate the worth of others to the same level we hold for ourselves.  Les Giblin, an authority on human relations, said that our actions must be genuine.  “You can’t make the other fellow feel important in your presence if you secretly feel that he is a nobody.”

7. Go the Second Mile
Dale Carngie said, “Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs.  Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger.  If you do little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves.”  Zig Ziglar said, “There is no traffic jam on the extra mile.”

8. Be Consistent
“People say what people do.  And what they say they do are entirely different things.”  Margaret Meade  People forget how fast you did a job - but they remember how well you did it.

9. Never stop improving
Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”  (Pat Riley)

10. Always give 110%

11. Make Excellence a life style.