Monday, January 28, 2013

The Ten Commandments of Personal Growth

Continuing on the topic of personal growth and development from last week, I want to share with you something I read several years ago but was reunited with this week.  It’s called “The Ten Commandments of Personal Growth.”  It is by Dave Early from his book 8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders.

The Ten Commandments of Personal Growth
1.   Make the choice to be an ever-growing person.
2.   Focus your activities and set some goals.
3.   Gather any needed tools.
4.   Develop a plan that fits you.
5.   Schedule the needed time.
6.   Sow before you hope to reap.
7.   Make yourself accountable.
8.   Share what you learn with others.
9.   Associate with growing people.
10. Put what you learn into practice.

Sample Growth Goals

Grow mentally by:
Reading a _____________ a _____________.
Listening to _______ CD’s, podcasts, etc. a ______________.

Develop spiritual fitness by:
Reading the Bible ____ minutes daily or _____ chapters daily.
Praying ______ minutes daily.
Journaling _____ minutes daily.
Leading family devotions _______ minutes a day, _____ days a week.
Fasting ____ days a month.

Increasing physical fitness by:
Exercising _____ minutes ______ days a week.
Sleeping ____ hours a night.
Eating less ____________ and more ____________.

Investing In relationships with:
Spouse ___________ minutes a day/hours a week.
Children __________ minutes a day/hours a week.
Apprentice ________ minutes a day/hours a week.
Other ____________ minutes a day/hours a week.