Monday, April 15, 2013

Growth Through Multiplication

If you really want to see growth in your team or organization you must learn what John Maxwell calls “The Law of Explosive Growth.”  The Law of Explosive Growth says, “to add growth, lead followers - to multiply, lead leaders.”

As you pour yourself into developing followers to be leaders you can multiply yourself exponentially. Leaders who develop followers grow their organizations only one person at a time.  But leaders who focus on developing more leaders will multiply their growth because for every leader they develop they also reap the fruit of that leader’s followers.  In other words, add ten leaders to your organization and you have the results of not only your leadership, but the results of ten other leaders.  You have growth from not only those who follow you, but also from those who follow the ten leaders.

Effective leaders who really want to see their organizations grow focus not so much on gaining followers, but on developing the followers they have to be leaders.

How did Jesus grow His church?  By developing ordinary men to become extraordinary leaders.  We find the process He used in Matthew 10.  Here is the process He used.

1. He called them. (vv1-4)
2. He commissioned them. (vv5-6)
3. He equipped them. (vv7-8a)
4. He empowered them. (v 1)
5. He prepared them (v14)
6. He encouraged them. (v15)
7. He evaluated them. (Luke 9:10)

Here is the progression of equipping leaders:

I do it - you watch.
I do it - you help.
You do it - I help.
You do it - I watch.
You do it.

How do you equip leaders?