Monday, April 28, 2008

God is moving in Austria

This past weekend at our Romanian-American Missions board meeting I had the priviledge of meeting a remarkable man of God. A man that God is using in a mighty way to reach Austria for Christ. Cornel Prejban grew up in Romania but moved with his family to Krems, Austria. There, he planted a Romanian Baptist church in 1998. God has been using him to reach many with the Gospel. Cornel's vision is "to share the Gospel with the Romanians, Austrians and with other nationalities in the area." Cornel has a passion for the glory of God. He describes Europe as a place of spiritual darkness. He desires greatly for the light of Jesus Christ to once again shine brightly in Europe. His church is currently in the process of building a church home or what he prefers to call a "house of prayer." If you would like to donate to this project you can do so by sending a check payable to RAM USA. Mail the check to RAM USA, 1700 W Government Street, Suite R. Brandson, MS 39042. Specify Krems Baptist Church. All donations made through RAM are tax deductible.