Monday, April 16, 2012

Six Attributes of Potential Leaders

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to be on a conference call with John Maxwell.  He spent a few minutes teaching us how to attract potential leaders.  When we are looking for those whom we want to include in our inner circle, or those in whom we want to invest our time in to develop, who should we look for?  What are the attributes of those who are potential great leaders?  Here=s a bullet point list of what John taught us.  These are simply points from my notes.

1. Eagles make things happen.  They produce.  They make no excuses.  AExcuses are the exit signs off of the road to success.@

2. Eagles have a vision of what they want to accomplish.  They know what they want and go after it every day.

3. Eagles influence other people.  Other people flock to them.  They attract other people because they have a compelling vision and an others centered attitude.

4. Eagles don't live for themselves.  They intentionally add value to others.

5. Eagles think differently.  
The greatest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is how they think. 

6. Eagles have an unquenchable passion to learn and grow.

Two questions to ask when considering a potential eagle
1. Can he or she?
2. Will he or she?

The return on the success in your life will be almost totally determined by the people you choose to pour your life into.

I can't motivate people, but I can find people who want to be motivated.
I can't teach people, but I can find people who want to be taught.
I can't grow people, but I can find people who want to grow.