Monday, April 23, 2012

Today Matters

Your success tomorrow depends on what you do TODAY!  This is an absolute truth.  What you do today will take you one step closer to achieving your dream, or set you one step further from achieving your dream.  Today really does matter.

Every day, we go about doing our usual thing and our usual routine.  We operate almost in a robot state of mind.  We think about our problems, what we have to do, when will we be able do it, and sometimes it leads us to stop thinking about things we could do to benefit our future.  We just do what we need to get by for the day.  We wake up knowing where we are in life, and what we want, but forget to stop, internalize our “real wants for the future”, and prioritize doing things that day to get ahead.  We often just do whatever we “have” to do to get by.

The fact is, people create success in their lives by focusing on and taking control of today.  Too many people simply let the day happen instead of controlling what happens in their day.  Here are some things that you are in control of each day.

1. YOU are in CONTROL of YOUR WORDS today.
The way you speak to others today, words you choose to use, and tone of your voice, will influence others thoughts, perception, and reaction towards you.  How you make people feel about themselves is important.  It benefits you and can cause conflict or keep it away.  It can also energize you when a happy person projects the gratitude of how you made them feel to you.

2. YOU are in CONTROL of YOUR THOUGHTS today.
What will you focus on today in the scheme of life to make positive changes?  What will you focus on today that helps you MOVE FORWARD in life towards a goal?  What will you choose to purposefully NOT focus on and push aside because it’s wasting your time?

3. YOU are totally IN CHARGE of YOUR ACTIONS today.
What are you going to do to fix a problem, mend a relationship, fix yourself, or advance yourself towards a goal you want to accomplish?  When are you going to do it?  Today is a good day to start.  Right now.  Take the first step.

There is a right time to start moving forward and growing.  It is TODAY!

I would like to invite you to join other local community leaders in a new Mastermind Group.

Tomorrow’s Success Depends on TODAY
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When: Tuesdays, May 15-June 19, 7:30am – 8:30am
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Cost: $40.00 for Chamber Members. $60.00 for non-chamber
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