Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Uh Parent # 1 Day?

Good thought from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.

"Honor thy Mother and Father should be the simplest of the Ten Commandments to follow, yet as a society we are failing to do so. In California we are told, by order of four activist judges, that having both a mother and a father is completely unnecessary in bringing up a child. "Such roles of a Mom and Dad are antiquated" imply these judges, and they can be replaced by Parent #1 and Parent #2, regardless of gender. As in most families, my mom and dad still play very significant and unique roles in my life. What they have taught me--and continue to teach me--will be passed on to my children and grandchildren. Probably unaware of the irony, the California Supreme Court has ruled that this coming Monday, the day after Father's Day, California will put its official stamp of approval on the intentional creation of permanently fatherless (or motherless) families. If it stands, this ruling will effectively eliminate the true meaning of Father's Day, which is to honor the men in our lives who have played a unique and truly irreplaceable role."

Just a Thought