Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Is There Evil in the World? - Introduction

This week a member of our church was brutally murdered by her husband who also attended church on a regular basis. The morning after the murder I was inundated with news reporters from every TV station from Mobile to Pensacola. The first question I was asked by virtually every reporter was, "How can this happen?" It is not an easy question to answer but one in which God does not leave us totally clueless. In the next several blogs I am going to try to, from God's Word, answer this question. My message this Sunday will be entitled "How Can This Happen?" Pray for me as I try to address a question that is deep on the hearts of many in my congregation and in our community. In the mean time watch this video from John Piper. His answer to the question is different from most but definitely thought provoking and moving.