Thursday, August 7, 2008

NFL Hall Famer's Security is in Christ

My son (Justin Nale) posted this story on his blog. If you are a NFL football fan, such as I am, you will be very interested in this story. Read the exerpt below then read the full story on Justin's blog. Click the picture to go to his blog.

Art Monk, now Hall of Fame wide receiver who played predominantly with the Washington Redskins, said this in his induction speech last week:

"Even now as a Hall of Famer, the one thing I want to make very clear is that my identity and my security is found in the Lord. And what defines me and my validation comes in having accepted his son Jesus Christ as my personal savior. And what defines me is the Word of God, and it’s the Word of God that will continue to shape and mold me into the person that I know he’s called me to be.