Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday School Leaders

Last night we had our Sunday School Leaders Training night. I was well pleased with the turnout and the response. Serving at First Baptist are some of the greatestest Sunday School leaders in our state. Below is a page out of the Sunday School Leaders guide that we distributed to our adult Sunday School teachers. I believe this description of a good Sunday School leader is for all churches.

What Should a Sunday School Leader Be Like?

A Growing Christian
A good leader knows Jesus as his/her personal Lord and Savior and grows through daily Bible reading and prayer. A good leader is understands he/she is on a spiritual growth journey that does not end until he/she has reached heaven.

A Church Member
A good leader supports the entire church ministry through regular attendance and participation. A leader is a faithful steward of time, talents, and treasure.

One Who Loves People
A good leader enjoys being around people. He/she wants to know what is happening in the lives of those he/she leads. “Christ demands that the driving force in your life must be love. All other things, although important, are secondary. Love is the sign of true discipleship” Solly Ozrovech.

One Who is Called
A good leader senses that he/she is leading in Sunday School because he/she is answering God’s call to do so.

Willing to Plan
A good leader is willing to study and prepare to make Sunday School a positive Bible learning experience.

Willing to Contact Members
A good leader is willing to write, call, and/or visit the members in his/her class. A leader cares about members both inside and outside of the church building.

Dependable and Diligent
A good leader is dependable and diligent. These traits are essential for a person who is to be a leader. A dependable, diligent person communicates to members and other leaders that he can be counted on to be in his place, to have planned, and to have fulfilled his duties as a leader.

A Lifelong Learner
A good leader should possess the desire to continue to learn through books, conferences, videos, and other forms of training. “He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”