Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hypocrisy Dries Up Fruit

Thoughts from my Scripture reading this morning.

"Israel is a luxuriant vine that yields its fruit. The more his fruit increased, the more altars he built;as his country improved, he improved his pillars. Their heart is false; now they must bear their guilt. The Lord will break down their altars and destroy their pillars" (Hosea 10:1-2, ESV).

Only one of Jesus' miracles probably brought sorrow to Him. This was the miracle of judging a fruitless fig tree (Matt 21:18-19). As He later explained to the Pharisees, this miracle signified the removal of God's blessing from fruitless Israel, and bestowal of the blessing upon another nation. In the Old Testament, Israel was God's chosen vine. But Hosea points out that national hypocrisy had dried the fruit and withered the branches of the vine. Today God has entrusted the sacred task of bearing fruit to another nation which Peter calls "a holy nation" (1 Pet 2:9). Peter is refering to all genuine believers. In view of this glorious privilege Peter warns all Christians to lay aside all hypocrisy and bear fruit (1 Pet. 2:1-2).

Just a Thought!