Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Newsweek Comes Out of the Closet

In this week's issue of Newsweek magazine, Religion editor Lisa Miller, in an article entitled "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage," defends gay marriage using the Bible. It stands as a prime example of blatant deception, poor biblical scholarship, and biased reporting that is typical of the liberal media.

Al Mohler (President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) states, "Newsweek magazine, one of the most influential news magazines in America, has decided to come out for same-sex marriage in a big way, and to do so by means of a biblical and theological argument. In its cover story for this week, "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage," Newsweek religion editor Lisa Miller offers a revisionist argument for the acceptance of same-sex marriage. It is fair to say that Newsweek has gone for broke on this question."

Read Dr. Mohler's full response here.